2019 edition registration / quotas according to activity:

- September 29th: XII Day of chess The Marina free.

 - Septembre 27-28-29 IRT Sub2200 Eivissa Patrimony City

partners Amics dels Escacs anb players SUB-10 free, rest 20 euros

-12-13 October:

X City of Eivissa, 10 euros (Players titled, ELO> 2300 free,

partners Amics dels Escacs and players SUB-10 free, rest 10 euros)

Pay it before the start of the firts round.

- October 20th: Popular Tournament: Can Mestre free.

How to pay / formalize the registration?

In person the day of the tournament.

Transfer to Amics dels Escacs account: ES05 2100 3791 70 22 00077616

Indicate: Concept "FESTIVAL". Last name and name.

Confirmation e-mail: